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Following some recent media coverage, we've received very many expressions of interest in LIFNano treatment or participation in clinical trials. We're doing our best to reply to each one, but it would be much appreciated if you could read these Frequently Asked Questions before using the Contact email address to get in touch. Thank you!

Q:   How can I obtain treatment or register to participate in clinical trials?
A:   There is still a lot of work to do before clinical trials can commence (provisionally scheduled for 2020). This work, and the deliberately slow process of regulatory approval, are essential to ensure the safety of all patients, and sadly we cannot offer any accelerated access to treatment or early registration for the trials.

Q:   I live outside of the UK - will I be able to participate in the clinical trials?
A:   The trial protocol will be designed closer to 2020, and we cannot currently offer any advice about where they may take place.

Q:   Should I avoid any other treatments in case they disqualify me from clinical trials of LIFNano?
A:   Please follow the advice of your healthcare provider.

Q:   Will the LIFNano treatment also work for other neurodegenerative or autoimmune diseases?
A:   Currently we're remaining tightly focused on targeting Multiple Sclerosis, but we are optimistic about potential applications in the future, targeting some other neurodegenerative or autoimmune diseases. However, we are still a small company and it's unlikely that we will be able to broaden the scope of our work before a couple of years.

Q:   How can I invest in LIFNano Therapeutics?
A:   Please refer to our Investor Relations page for more information.

Q:   Can I make a donation, or volunteer to do fundraising work or to raise awareness?
A:  We're immensely grateful for ALL the offers of support we've received! Unfortunately we currently have no mechanism for receiving donations, and at this early stage in development we'd like to avoid generating too much excitement in the patient/carer community. However, we would like very much to remain engaged with those who have shown interest, and will do our best to provide frequent updates via our social media channels.

Q:   How can I receive progress updates?
A:   You can learn more about LIFNanoRx on this website, and you can also follow our Facebook page and Twitter feed to receive updates and news.


Please note that names, email addresses and locations from all correspondence sent to the 'Contact' email address above will be held in a contacts database by LIFNanoRx for an unlimited period, for general demographic purposes and to enable us to provide information about LIFNanoRx to you. This personal information will not be shared with any other individual, group or organisation. All other unsolicited data, including the content of all messages and attachments, and any personal information contained therein, will be deleted from our records within one year of receipt.